Good day lovely fans,

How has been the weekend..

My name is Ayotunde eriolujomilolu


 your 'Humble Hibiscus writer'

I am a graduate of a prestigious and noble institution in Nigeria, even though, many often think I am not Nigerian-trained.

I hail from the south-western axis, though, more often than not, mistaken for a complete south-easterner.

I am well-travelled, I love adventures, and still look to taking more as my creator wills.

I am a professional baker, soloist, and multi-linguist to name a few.

I am passionate about self-development,  self-care, healthy lifestyle, becoming the most highly developed, happy and fulfilled you possible, most importantly a God-purposed and directed life.

My pen has always been close to my pad since very little. It started with short story writing, to poems, to sketches and designs, to song lyric composition.

How did I find myself on here..'good question?'

I have always had deep thoughts on how to reach a wide audience with knowledge and skills acquired, through the years, in the least inconveniencing, yet fun way.

One of my reverred mentors had mentioned blogging some 4years back now, but I cringed with fear at the thought, of the demand and requirements... but I learnt,

"Everything thing in life you set to achieve, must run its course to actualization, to truly launch big".


It cannot be fast forwarded, or slowed unnecessarily, it will just have to run its course, to truly turn out great.

I welcome you all to a nouvelle avenue for learning, getting a chance at your most amazing and fulfilling life.

Make it a date as we journey through my diary together.

I have got numerous exciting experiential subjects to explore with you my esteemed audience.

I have no doubt, this will be fun, and a unique life experience accessed from online, for all who get to peep my diary each day.

There will be bonuses, giveaways and tips for  active subscribers and visitors to my blog.

Once again, I welcome you all to the most exciting and rewardful experience you never heard of.

On a final note on welcoming you all;

What are your views..?, 

what do you expect to see..?

Do you have any comments or suggestions on the design..?

I am asking, your views, expectations, suggestions, thoughts, even a word of prayer..., 

Kindly drop in the comment section

Lovely viewers,

I thank you for your time.

Stay tuned and enjoy the trip!❤️🤗🌟

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