What makes up a Positive Mental Attitude

Probably one phrase you heard one time too many, used ramdomly

Let's break it down; 

  • Positive
  • Mental
  • Attitude

Positive represents everything 'feel-good', that I know puts a resonating smile on faces, joy in heart; best likened to a booster tonic that ups the energy you feel to get things done, often with a presumed satisfaction in view.

Further, it let's the mind delve into streams of endless, limitless, possibilities of achieving a goal, and feeling fulfilled.


Anything associated with the neuronal associations in the upper central control of the human physique is the focus here. 

Every somatic or bodily, as well as involuntary action; including one as simple as batting of eyelids, turning in bed, raising arms and feet, as well as pace or walking mannerism all constitute, and reflect minutely some details about mental state, better put, mental health. 

All the fore-listed activities controlled by the brain and nervous system (the neuronal connections, firing and synapses within the intrinsic nervous system).

As my audience may not all be scientifically oriented I understand, I will not bore you with too much scientific vocabulary.

Mental health is so hot a topic on its own, that it is too essential to the daily human activities to be ignored.  


Not just a way of life; it is a constantly evolving combination of repetitive approach,  responses, and  reactions of an individual to daily, or by minute issues an individual is faced with through life.

A combination of three; Positive Mental Attitude.

I will like to express as 

the conscious, deliberate, or intentional effort by an individual to, over time, constantly or consistently respond to, or approach daily issues faced in his or her life, with a feel-good, enthusiastic, hope-for-the-best, (but realistically as well) behaviour. These transcends a repetitive pattern of behaviour over time, it dictates subconsciously what the individual will dwell on, in thoughts, expression in actions.

The world-view of such individual, approach to problem-solving will be different to the norms.

Such an individual will garner more strength and enriching experiences from life.

Such an individual will often have more friends, business associates, and opportunities.

In a school of thought, such individuals tend to be more wealthy too... they approach and take calculated risks objectively

Remember, they are often too motivated to shy away from challenges...

However, this doesn't mean these individuals will not have down, and tough times..

Approach, mindset and response will only keep making the difference.

Rather than feel downcast, defeated, and, or depressed, such individual will feel taught a lesson he or she had to learn, and uses that to forge ahead for another trial; which often leads to greater victory.

Such individuals gets more accomplished in record time, and feels satisfied.

What's not to emulate or imbibe about the

Positive Mental Attitude Culture...?

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  1. Positivity always goes a long way to influence the quality of life of man.
    Great read, kudos!