What Do You Think Accountability is?

To think birds are really super intelligent, the first group of lower mammals to demonstrate accountability in a characteristically simple way.

The class of Avians represent the most ancient and significant symbol of accountability, dating back to the times of Noah, when God gave Noah an instruction to build an Arc pre- beginning of the great flood.
If a bird could so do that diligently, well, why not humans too...

For me, accountability in it's most basic sense simply means, '
a state of being culpable, answerable, as well as liable...
In other words to be accountable means to be answerable, culpable, or liable to an authority.
This authority can be you that is self-imposed accountability  
It can also be to another person, whom you accord high reverence of guidance, wisdom, mentor-ability.
Another person like a parent or guardian, a mentor, a spouse, and more.
Now that we know what it means to be accountable, and also to what kind of people we can be accountable to.
It will sit well to say, are there any benefits to being accountable as an individual..?

Well, your guess is as good as mine
It is a definite yes.
To start with, an accountable personality experiences sound, fast growth in diverse aspects of their life.
How do I mean..?

He has an obligation to give to his mentor on steady achievement, and target he gets to meet; which in turn will subject the individual to being assessed critically, as *excellent* ; in which case, he is motivated to do more, build stronger values, embrace being accountable the more, grow.
The individual may also be assessed as requiring more efforts, or *average* , which alerts the individual to put more efforts, rather than be discouraged.

The individual may however also be rebuked or chastised, if *no expected results* were observed by the accountability mentor or partner.
This makes the individual have a reprocessing of all his decision, evaluate, and make subsequent intentional choices, which is the joy of both the accountability partner, or mentor as well as, the individual, and especially the best benefit of the individual.

Accountability ;where should you apply the principle?

There are many aspects in the life of an individual, whereby, if the principle of accountability is applied, the results are often very evident and glorifying.

In a christian life.
Firstly, the bible serves as a manual, and reference for a full Christian life, beyond that however, a christian is accountable to God, the Sovereign, on a daily basis, and of course, after life. Thus, a christian lives by set principles, because he must give account.

At work places, each employee is answerable, accountable to their boss, and or employer as the case may be.

In a relationship, marriage, or other form of relations, accountability increases the success of the relations by great percentage, as compared to one without any form of accountability precepts involved.

In a family, children who are held accountable by their parents, guardians, and corrected in love, turn out more distinct and successful, than those who are left to make decision at will, with no level of culpability.

In ruling a kingdom, or even a country, leaders who are accountable, lead more successfully and garner greater support from their followers than those who employ non-accountable ruling style.

Not to forget, in terms of savings and investment, an individual accountable on his expenses, will tend to manage funds better, and wisely, even multiply the little, than one who is not accountable... 'laulau spending category'😁

I can go on and on, but the point here is,
employing the principle of accountability leads to a fuller, richer, more successful life.

What are your thoughts... 
Do you agree... or it comes across as unneeded stress to you..
I would love to hear from you...
Let me know your views in the comment section..

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  1. Lovely piece. This is so important in building anything that will last.

    1. Verily, I agree with you
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts
      Stay tuned for more..