Powerful Tips for a Victorious Living

Hello family,
The silence on here has been so loud...
I can verily relate, however, I bring you great news!
It will not get this silent anylonger. All over everywhere, everyone secretly, strongly desires a great, successful life, for self, for their offsprings.This is in no way impossible to achieve, it is also not a piece of cake.
By keeping the following points in mind, you have no idea how your life can turn around.
So let us dive in without further hesitation..

Step 1
Be an accountable personnel
Step 2
Be a consistent personnel
Step 3
Be a deliberate personnel
Step 4
Be a smart-working personnel
Step 5
Be a healthy personnel
Step 6
and a bonus point; Be a grateful personnel

Step 1
 Be an accountable personnel

It can be very daunting and demanding to be accountable. In some moments, it feels very unnecessary, but, trust me, if you are, you are many steps closer to building the most excellent you. Accountability presents itself in many forms; keeping a daily record of spendings.
Having a plan book for your daily activities, which eventually builds to monthly and yearly activities.
Waking and observing meditation, quiet times, prayer times; you're accountable to your creator too.
For the married, spending time to liaise with spouse, and reconciling plans and goals together.
For the sports enthusiast, being accountable to a coach, building endurance, strength, and yearning for more.
For the achieved single; because greatness is not in isolation; spending time to give feedback to mentors and reviewing plans, goals to self
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Step 2
Be a consistent personnel

No one becomes great per chance, even when it does happen, it often will not last.
Proven strength of character over time is essential to being a great person, and having a victorious life.
Consistency strengthens a personnel over time. 
The consistent personnel will continue to be better in endeavours and tasks. 
The consistent personnel will win more recommendations and references, because stability is evident. 
The consistent personnel will get entrusted with rare responsibilities in work places without supervision, because the boss trusts their capacity and ability to deliver. 
Such will also get rare benefits and favors from the authorities enhancing their acumen.
Consistent personnels are a blessing to first, themselves, and to everyone they meet.
Consistent personnels get more opportunities.
Step 3 
Be a Deliberate Personnel

It takes great courage to imbibe the culture of intentionality or being deliberate.
More often than not, it is often very easy to cower in the face of challenges and events unfolding around. However, being deliberate leaves an open and endless options of possibilites that presents itself to a personnel. 
It makes you one step better than those who don't take risks, and a higher chance of winning than those who cannot be intentional. It gives you a shot at predictable success; because you're taking the unusual route; taking calculated risks; going the extra-mile beyond the bare minimum; not postponing tasks to be achieved today to tomorrow. All of which cumulatively yield results.
Step 4
Be a smart working personnel

It is no longer news that smart working is more valuable and rewarding than hard working, and equally less stressful.
Hard work is great, but with the numerous resources, technological advances and opportunities all around, it is clearly evident that a smartworker will have more going for them than a hardworking over time. 
Smart working involves being sensitive and observant to the events and opportunities around, and tapping into it in good time.
It preserves time and health for an individual.
It keeps more relevant personnels in an individual's circle of influence.
Step 5: 
Be a Healthy Personnel

Your health is going to determine a whole lot about your life, whether you will truly live and enjoy a victorious life. If you're not healthy, you're one step away from a victorious life, because your concerns will revolve around getting a healthy life first, which initself will require alot of the earlier discussed points.
You will have to be intentional about the decisions on your health.
 You will have to be consistent to enjoy a sound health over time. 
You will have to be accountable to a physician or other health professional to forsee any looming health dangers and take action proactively.
For anything at all you earnestly give your attention, and time, it is certain to give reward one way or another, how much more your health. Taking your health as a paramount, will sure benefit you in your night years. One fact that you can not miss about the wealthy victorious personnel, is the priority they give to their health, which comprises not just medically, but physical, mental, as well as social health.
As physical will involve your outlook, the choices you make, the eating habits you imbibe, exercises you take up, mental will involve the thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind, and the thoughts you cast away. Social will involve your relations with your immediate circle and the outside world. How you relate to people and who you surround yourself with per time. As you already know, you are the sum of the average of the 5personnels you surround yourself with.
Step 6
Be a grateful personnel
You cannot live a victorious life, without being grateful. You have an endless list of those you owe gratitude to; 
starting with your creator, yourself, your mentors, your circle of influence, your family either blood-related or not, your competition as well, because they keep you on your A-game too, lol.
In expressing, and forming a daily habit of being grateful; you will be a happy person mostly, and a happy person attracts more happiness naturally. 
You will have a better, more refreshed, healthy outlook.
More people will be willing to partner with you, assist you, tutor you, thus more opportunities, and as you cannot be a happy or grateful person without being someone who has imbibed a strong positive mental attitude, you can't be more successful and victorious, than the tenacity of your positive mental attitude. 
It is more of waking each day, deciding to have a positive outlook on things, no matter what the previous day's turnout looks like on your assessment board.
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