A slow canker eating into the fabric of population's health

   Good day lovers. This is a long overdue post. I can imagine that the last time I wrote a super full article is been a few weeks. Publishing for your mental consumption is been long starved. I take this opportunity to wish us all a belated prosperous 2023. I believe it is not too late, even though we had a very fast January, as opposed to most dreaded Januaries in the past.

  So we all understand depression as a mood disorder. It is a state of the mind characterized by feeling of emptiness, and loss of joy, somberness. There are events that trigger low mood states that lead to depression. Mood disorders are often temporary and may get relieved over time, with certain strategies and actions exercised by the individual. This is not so for depression.

  Mood swings are a big deal, but often require calmness and rest to alleviate it. Mood swings sometimes occur as a result of hormonal imbalances in women. This is often evident in women approaching their monthly flow period. This can manifest as excessive anxiety, irritability, distorted appetite, exaggeration.

This can be very temporary. There are people who get out of it by necessary precautions and steps like, anticipating the state. They have been experiencing it, and they can prepare their mind towards that time in advance, and especially in women who have mood swings during their period. Notifying their partners ahead, so they understand this period, and support them, rather than castigate or grumble or judge when their partners mood swing manifests.

    As mood swings get to be temporary, depression on the other hand gets to be long term. People that suffer from depression, often have to take medical precautions to keep calm and live normal lives. It is essential that the medications be completed after a form of relief is felt, in management of depression. About less than half recover fully from depression, properly monitored, and having holistically followed prescribed therapy.

So many are depressed but may not even be aware of it. These are very trying times, and the heat of hardship ongoing is not sparing anyone. The only thing keeping most people sane, is embracing hope, having a faith and, and actively engaging coping mechanisms. Some of the signs to look out for to note prospective passive or active depressive states.

Loss of interest in hobbies and daily activities

Lack of enthusiasm 

Inability to concentrate on daily tasks in comparism with previous times

Reduced libido

Increased disorganisation 

Tetchy attitude or easy provocation

Less relation and communication in social gatherings

Violent and controlling attitudes in close or personal relationships

Extended working hours with no break

Excessive and harmful indulgence in drinking and